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Slaney Foods International is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality livestock for its beef processing business.


Slaney Foods International combines this best quality Irish Beef with state of the art processing facilities to offer a product range of superb quality.

Established as a family business in 1970, Slaney Foods International prides itself on its reputation for sourcing and producing only the highest quality Irish beef; this is why Slaney Foods International are recognised as The Beef Specialists.  We have developed strong and successful long-term relationships with a variety of customers including leading multiples, the food service and food manufacturing industry.

Working with our farmers, we have designed this website to provide all beef suppliers of Slaney Foods International with faster and more consistent access to information.

Irish Steer in field


The “” platform provides farmers with instant access to their data and an extensive range of up to date information to help the farming part of the supply chain.  Through our “” website you can enjoy the benefits of:

24 hour access to your account information, 7 days a week;

Access to current & historical remittance details;

Access to kill out information such as weight, grades and post mortem results;

Increased Information about our Producer Schemes & Bonus Incentives and Veterinary Advice on a variety of topics.

Latest News

28 Jul 2021

Martina Harrington, Beef Specialist with Teagasc Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Programme, wrote an article on Carbon Footprint where she explains what GHGs are, how they are produced and also how to reduce them on the farm.

03 Jun 2021

Recently the Irish Farmers Journal published an article in which Bord Bia explains the main issues that could arise during a Bord Bia Audit.

02 Jun 2021

Farmers are exposed two to three times more UV than someone who works indoors. So precautions must be taken to avoid skin cancer.