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Carbon Footprint Training for Signpost Farmers – Teagasc

As farmers, you are being asked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from your farming system to control global warming.

But where do you start?  Many dairy and suckler beef farmers have a carbon emissions figure available to them but many are not aware of this information.

As can be seen below there are four sources of data required to complete an accurate calculation of a farms carbon footprint, using the Teagasc model.

Signpost Programme Initiative

* The sustainability survey is the only data source required for the carbon footprint calculation that is collected directly from the farmer.


Join the Signpost Team on Wednesday 27th October at 10 am, to learn about where you can access the carbon footprint data for your farm and how you can use that information to reduce emissions.

To register for the event please check out the link below.

Carbon Footprint Training for Signpost Farmers