Emissions Reduction - Signpost Programme

Emissions Reduction at Farm Level

As with every industry in the world, Irish Agriculture will have to play its part to meet climate change targets by reducing emissions and increasing efficiencies.  The work carried out by Teagasc and implemented at farm level by our countryside’s caretakers, is ever more impressive as can be seen through the Teagasc Signpost Programme.

The objectives of the Signpost Programme are:

  • To lead and support the transition of Irish farming towards more sustainable farming systems;
  • To reduce agricultural emissions, specifically;
  • To reduce GHG emissions to the range 17.5 – 19.0 MtCO2 eq. by 2030; and
  • To reduce ammonia emissions by 5% below 2005 levels, currently estimated at 107.5 kT NH3, also by 2030;
  • To reduce other negative environmental impacts of agriculture, specifically, to improve water quality and to improve biodiversity); and
  • To reduce costs and improve margins from farming.

In a recent article published by Teagasc in the November/December 2021 Today’s Farm issue, Seamus Kearney, Jonathan Herron, Laurence Shalloo, Marie Flynn and Richard O’Brien, discuss manageable steps which be taken to lower emissions.

Please click HERE, to learn how by adopting a combination of feasible changes, you can achieve your emission reduction goals.