N11 Suckler Beef Discussion Group

N11 Suckler Beef Discussion Group Visit Slaney Foods

Slaney Foods International recently had the pleasure to host members from the N11 Suckler Beef Discussion Group.  This event was organised in conjunction with Teagasc, an organisation which Slaney Foods has a long-standing relationship with.  The main aim of this visit, was to gain insight into the challenges farmers and processors face whilst conducing daily business.N11 Suckler Beef Discussion GroupDuring the visit the group got a full tour of the Boning Hall and the Abattoir with special focus on customer requirements, traceability and market demands.  Other topics discussed included, animal welfare, hygiene, offal harvesting and carcase dressing.Following the factory visit, the group continued their meeting with members from Slaney Foods’ Senior management and the Procurement team and further discussed future plans, beef marketing and the Irish Suckler Beef industry.The day was extremely well received by the Wicklow based farmers and will be something that Slaney Foods hope to repeat many times into the future with other similar groups.