Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Irish Farms

Greenhouse gases or GHGs act like a blanket around the Earth.  Increased amounts of GHGs have meant that more heat is trapped, leading to the so called greenhouse effect.  Increase amounts of GHGs in the atmosphere has caused global temperatures to rise, which causes climate change.  There are three main greenhouse gases relevant to agriculture, CO2, CH4 and N20.

Over the next number of years we need to achieve 22-30% reduction in agricultural emissions by 2030; 20% reduction in chemical N, 65% of CAN replaced by protected urea; 90% of slurry spread by LESS; 3 month reduction in the age of slaughter among other measures.

What can you do as a farmer?

1)    Know your carbon footprint

2)    Talk to your Teagasc advisor

3)    Make a change today!

For more info see www.teagasc.ie/signpost

In this video by Teagasc, Signpost Simon explains greenhouse gas emissions, the targets for Agriculture and where do farmers start to reduce emissions.  Watch the video below or click on the button for more information.